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The Chef Jeff Project

The Chef Jeff Project was founded in 2020 with a mission to change the lives of young disadvantaged, and system-impacted men and women in the Las Vegas community.

Our program offers professional training in one of Las Vegas' top industries—food service. The youth referred to our program are 15–24 years of age and are system impacted, struggling with addiction, dropped out of high school, or aged out of foster care.  The program is seen as the last chance for many of these youth before facing more restrictive sanctions in the juvenile and criminal justice systems.

Participants are trained primarily in the art of cooking and take courses in introduction to cooking and baking, restaurant cleaning and sanitation, and the principles of hospitality and customer service. Case management services and student employment counselors are available, to help each youth successfully progress through the program and closely monitor them during the process.

Upon completion of the training program, each student will be awarded a certificate of completion and given a pathway to enter the workforce or continue their culinary education. 

The Chef Jeff Project strives to expand its programs and offerings to underserved, at-risk youth in our community, but we can not do it alone. We rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support to help us continue serving this vulnerable population. You can support our mission today by making a tax-deductible donation. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support!

Click HERE to make a tax-deductible donation.

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